How would you describe your leadership style?

I am a transformational and results-driven leader who motivates others to grow, challenge themselves and be their best. I analyze and assess business operations and initiate change in organizations, teams and individuals.

I motivate others to do more than they originally intended and often even more than they thought possible and set more challenging expectations to achieve high performance.

In summary I seek to empower others to become leaders.

How has international experience influenced you?

Working with others from different countries and cultures has expanded my horizon of how to lead, motivate and communicate. Taking the time to visit team members and executives is critical to getting alignment on business strategy and objectives and to build relationships that foster business growth.

How do you lead through change?

I lead based on an analysis of the current state and creating a strategy that will guide us to the future state by being transparent, authentic and using strong communications to ensure I lead a team to success. Change is hard for organizations and the people that make them successful. I empower everyone on the team to become leaders and take ownership of the work to get them involved and excited about developing their hard and soft skills. I leverage technology, leadership and communications to transform and position companies for success. I love to create and to take complex strategies and projects and make them reality. I have had the privilege to build the following:

• E-Commerce websites for enterprises
• Marketing technology stack
• Marketing strategy and campaigns
• Video productions
• Brand strategy
• Advertising platforms
• Advertising strategy and campaigns
• ERP, CRM and marketing automation integrations
• Design logos
• Manage global marketing teams

I build processes and leverage technology to enable teams to achieve maximum productivity and use creativity to innovate. Below are some examples of the value I have generated.

• Led 2 mergers and acquisitions and saved $200K in marketing operations

• Developed a $1.2M digital marketing strategy comprised of eCommerce and marketing automation to position a global company for future growth using cloud technology.

• Directed and produced the award-winning video for UCLA helping them win the Bank of America Housing Challenge

My leadership fundamentals

Strategy: Creating the future vision and positioning the company for ongoing success

Execution: Building organizational systems to deliver results based on the strategy

Talent Development: Grooming employees for future leadership

Talent Management: Motivating, engaging, and communicating with employees

Personal Proficiency: Acting with integrity, exercising social and emotional intelligence, making bold decisions, and engendering trust